To Olympus: Replatforming on the Cloud

VP of People, Opreto

2 minute read

There is a particular synergy that springs from engaging an agile software development agency as an integrated software partner, and having them platform your software into the cloud. The sum of the two is truly greater than its parts. When launched together, the entire tech saga becomes truly epic for your business; you are freed to focus on your business, and we carry you up on our back. Do not fret, good citizen, we’re here to help.

If you’re building software in the cloud for clients, like we do, you must conduct yourself as a hero. Although the path to the summit is well trodden by now (decades after the concept of the cloud was first popularized) it is still necessary for some chosen few of us to carry and guide, as some of you have not yet reached the cloud on your own. There are a thousand possible reasons for that, but every obstacle can be defeated with the right team and technology.

As agile developers, we clear every engineering challenge from the critical path for your business, and the cloud eliminates every material sink of maintenance and effort. Say goodbye forever to building and staffing those hot, noisy server rooms, or ever having to think about them again (or at all, if you’re just getting started). Adopting the cloud as your platform frees you from half the technological considerations immediately, and it quickens us to develop your applications at warp speed.

From our perspective, the cloud as a platform accelerates development, and smoothes the regularized release of software versions; and it is especially harmonious and powerful with agile software development methodologies.

But the benefits aren’t just increased project velocity. When an agile software team is replatforming your key tools to the cloud, you go beyond the usual benefits of scalability, robustness, and rapid deployments that come from that; you blow past the requirements for a server room and its staffing and upkeep. You also remove the whole obstacle course of hiring and managing software developers, and the dodge and roll and rally of the actual application development.

In other words, you defeat that trial-and-tribulation thing that all of that on-premise infrastructure would have been bought and installed for. That thing you would forever need to tend the noisome server garden for. You remove the fretful worry of your technology stack maintenance and improvement at every single layer. Forever.

And more, you gain a valorous ally, a three-headed CTO fighting on the front lines alongside you, showing the way to determinedly drive towards your business goals.

So it is, that between the process improvements of agile software development, the infrastructural advantages of the cloud, and our role as an embedded strategic partner helping align business goals with technological capabilities, you can gain the confidence and freedom to work inside your true business - the thing your business actually does. It works so good when its all working together like that. All it takes is partnering with an integrated software partner like your friendly neighborhood agile software development team, and having them build that castle for you in the cloud.

Free yourself from dwelling on everything from the high-level objectives right on down to the screws and silicon. Stop spending organizational focus on the technology that lets you do work, and just do the work. Grab a hero by their proffered hand, and have them show you the way to the summit. Don’t waste time at the base of the mountain.