The Remote Agile Playbook: Tools for a Dispersed Team

2 minute read

Having a robust tech stack is crucial for remote Agile teams. At Opreto, we’ve meticulously assembled a set of tools designed to foster productivity and enhance our Agile methodologies.

We kick off our sprints with Parabol, a user-friendly platform tailored for sprint planning and retrospectives. The beauty of Parabol lies in its seamless integration with Jira. As our central hub for issue tracking and sprint management, Jira excels at aligning our team around critical tasks and objectives. These two tools work hand-in-hand to provide a cohesive planning and tracking environment.

Google Workspace serves as our comprehensive solution for document management and more. We extensively use Google Docs for collaborative editing and Google Sheets for data analysis. Of course, Gmail remains an integral part of our communication framework, especially for external correspondence. The real-time collaboration features across these Google Workspace tools make them a natural extension of our planning and execution phases.

For communication, we adopt a two-pronged approach to suit different needs. Kumospace offers a laid-back setting, capturing the informal interactions around the office water cooler. On the other hand, Google Meet addresses our requirements for more formal communications, such as scheduled team meetings and significant discussions. The two platforms complement each other, covering the full spectrum of communication needs.

In between those structured interactions, Slack comes into play for quick, asynchronous communication. It’s perfect for brief chats, updates, and crucial questions that don’t warrant a formal meeting. Slack is a connecting thread that ties together the different facets of our workday. We have a lot of fun on Slack as well.

Miro serves as our collaborative canvas when the team needs to get creative. It’s our virtual whiteboard where brainstorming sessions and workshops come to life. Miro nurtures creativity and facilitates a collective thought process, enhancing our Agile approach.

Last but not least, Grammarly acts as the silent workhorse in our stack. It refines our written communication to ensure clarity and professionalism. This final layer of polish helps maintain consistent quality across all team interactions.

While our tech stack focuses on team management and workflows, it’s important to note that we have a separate set of specialized tools for actual software delivery.

Each of our tools serves a unique purpose, but they form an integrated ecosystem when combined. These tools empower us to function as a unified Agile unit, regardless of geographic boundaries. It’s worth noting that while we have a robust and effective tech stack, we’re always on the lookout for new tools that can enhance our productivity and collaboration. Adaptability is in our DNA, and we understand the ever-changing technology landscape.