The AI Tsunami Threatening Google

2 minute read

Google has always been the gateway to content visibility on the internet, making optimization for Google Search a golden rule in content creation. But today, Artificial Intelligence is changing the game, and it’s time for Google, and all of us, to sit up and take note.

Only a few months ago, getting noticed by Google was simple. You’d draft your content, publish it, sprinkle in some links, and just like magic, Google’s search crawlers would find you. For brand-new domains, a nudge to Google, a request to index the site. It was dance steps that everyone had learned, and it worked.

But things are changing fast. Artificial Intelligence, particularly a flavor called GPT, has changed the face of content creation. People are using AI to turn out articles, blog posts, and more at an astonishing speed. This year, in particular, has seen a staggering surge in content creation, largely thanks to our AI-using friends.

There’s a ton of speculation that AI will be the thing to knock Google off its perch. As people get more comfortable with AI, they’ll go to it directly for more relevant answers than Google can provide. This interaction would bypass Google’s search engine entirely, changing the information-seeking dynamics we’ve grown accustomed to for decades. It’s a potential digital revolution in the making.

But the plot thickens. The rise of AI isn’t just changing how we search for answers. It’s also creating an unforeseen challenge for Google. The rise of AI has set off a tsunami of content, flooding the internet. This surge is essentially a Denial of Service attack on Google. The bland AI-generated content isn’t just providing more answers—it’s overwhelming Google’s capacity to index it all. It’s like an unplanned siege on Google’s stronghold.

We recently experienced this phenomenon ourselves. We published new content on our website months ago, and Google still needs to crawl and index it despite multiple nudges. Others have experienced the same thing. The lag is real.

Summing up, AI isn’t just shaking the tree; it’s uprooting the whole orchard and salting the soil. The shift is twofold: we’re not just asking AI for answers instead of Google but also drowning Google with a deluge of AI-generated content. We’ve witnessed it first-hand. Google’s once quick-as-a-flash indexing is now more of a stroll.

So, the burning question: could AI threaten Google’s long-standing supremacy? Given the signs, the answer is leaning toward a “yes.” If this trend continues, we could face a massive shift in the digital world. With the rise of AI, the future is here, and it’s a brave new world.