Mastering Time: My Journey with AI Scheduling Tools

3 minute read

Managing your time is hard, but it’s the cornerstone of personal and professional success. Without a structured approach to time management, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by tasks and commitments. This overwhelming feeling often increases stress, reduces productivity, and causes the dreaded overload-induced task dropping.

It’s common to find yourself highly organized in one aspect of your life, such as your business. In contrast, your personal life suffers from neglect, or vice versa. The real magic in time management lies in managing all your time in one place, harmonizing personal and professional commitments to effectively achieve personal and professional goals.

There are plenty of resources from which to learn how to manage your time. Yet, most of them focus on systems that require a lot of manual intervention, which I have always found annoying. The idea of time blocking always worked for me, but the overhead was extreme. I have been experimenting with AI schedulers for the past year, and the results have been excellent. I was initially introduced to the concept through Motion, then tested a few options until I finally landed on Reclaim.

These AI schedulers work like magic, managing my time by automatically adjusting my calendar to accommodate new commitments. When meetings are booked at work through Calendly, the AI instantly reschedules all my tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. It is like having a personal assistant who knows my priorities and deadlines. Even when I need to book something out of the ordinary, like a doctor’s appointment, the AI effortlessly shifts my tasks to new slots, making sure I stay on track. This level of automation and adaptability has transformed how I manage my time, making every day smoother and more productive. has been instrumental in helping me achieve my personal goals. In the past, I struggled to find time for fitness, hobbies, and family activities, among my daily chores of making dinner and managing the household. Since there were so many undefined chores throughout the day, finding time to work on my goals or even picking what to work on next was always a hassle. I found myself with no time to work on my personal goals.

With, I can easily schedule and prioritize these individual activities. I began by putting all my chores in as personal tasks, such as daily non-negotiables like making dinner. Then, I added prioritized time for daily workouts, ensuring I stayed consistent with my fitness routine. Similarly, whenever I want time for a hobby, family activities, or personal goals, I tell my AI scheduler, and it automatically adjusts my calendar based on my priorities, ensuring that personal commitments are met. I have focused on what matters most in my personal life without feeling overwhelmed by having to find time for everything myself.

On the professional front, has significantly improved my productivity and ability to meet deadlines. I use it to manage my work tasks, meetings, and project deadlines. By blocking out time for the tasks I need to complete, I can concentrate on the actual tasks and not the overhead of finding time for them among my other responsibilities. One of the most significant improvements I’ve noticed is the ability to juggle multiple projects without feeling stressed – the AI will find time for everything you need to do. Having the AI schedule everything means I can spend my time efficiently across different tasks, ensuring steady progress.

AI schedulers like have revolutionized my approach to time management by seamlessly integrating personal and professional commitments. The automatic adjustments and intelligent rescheduling have eliminated the manual overhead and stress typically associated with traditional time management systems. By effortlessly balancing meetings, tasks, and personal activities, these tools ensure I stay productive and focused on my goals. The ability to dynamically adapt to new commitments and priorities has made my daily life smoother and more efficient.

However, there is always room for improvement. Future enhancements could include even better predictive analytics and more customization options to tailor the scheduling experience to individual needs precisely. Selfishly, I wish they would finish an integration with, so I could do even less manual effort to achieve my goals. That said, I encourage everyone to explore AI scheduling in order to experience the same transformative benefits and take control of their time.